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Apr 09, 2009 | Christina Smith | Comments

Location, Location, Design Inspiration

One of my guilty pleasures is searching real estate sites for houses. Not because I want to buy a house. I can barely afford a new pair of shoes, let alone dish out a lump sum of money for a down payment on a house. »

Apr 07, 2009 | Elaine Levins | Comments

The Crisis of Credit Explained (in easy-to-understand terms)

I am an educated person. I understand and manage my own finances, as well as those of a successful business. But when it came to understanding the current mess our economy is in, I'll admit that I had more than a little bit of difficulty. »

Apr 06, 2009 | Casey Knox | Comments

MMORPG networking FTW…

Are you a geek? I donít know about you but, I happen to love MMORPGs (Massivley Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). Which inevitably categorizes me as a geek, so instead of being ashamed of itÖ.I embrace it. Not only is it an entertainment departur »

Apr 05, 2009 | Elaine Levins | Comments

Less Really is More

Have you ever stood in a room with ten people talking to you at once? »

Apr 04, 2009 | Christina Smith | Comments

Obamamania & Successful Branding Strategies

Effective branding is an extremely important aspect in creating a successful company. However, nowadays, branding is not only seen as a benefit to a companyís advancement, it is seen in almost everything successful marketing campaign today. »

Apr 03, 2009 | William Levins | Comments

Tropicana sales plummet after rebranding

Tropicana sales plummet after rebranding
Another example of the importance of design. Tropicana rebranded, it was awful, its sales tanked. Good design can increase sales. Bad design can harm sales. The sales figures explain why Tropicana quickly agreed to an about face on their design. »

Apr 02, 2009 | William Levins | Comments

Graphic design is not a commodity - e.g., crowdsourcing design

Crowd sourcing design seems like an economical solution in hard times. There are plenty of design commodity sites where you can purchase canned designs or present projects as contests - but design is not a widget. One size does not fit all.

Mar 27, 2009 | Christina Smith | Comments

Why Designers Should Attend Conferences

I believe that every designer should attend at least one or two conferences per year. »

Mar 26, 2009 | Casey Knox | Comments

Staying on Top of Color Trends

After you've sketched layout ideas and are ready to start creating a design, the next most important step is choosing color. The layout sets a framework for you design to be built upon, but the color really sets the mood. One of my favorite ways top keep »

Mar 26, 2009 | William Levins | Comments

Sun offers the Internet in a box

Sun offers the Internet in a box
Pardon me as my inner geek gets excited. But this is a great idea and probably one that's overdue. Building a data center in a box that can be linked together and deployed rapidly. Brilliant and off-the-charts uber geeky chic! »


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