Sep 26, 2010 | Lacey Ackerman | Comments

Business-driving, Flash-loving, App-rocking

Business-driving, Flash-loving, App-rocking
The Blackberry PlayBook: an Apple iPad competitor »

Aug 31, 2010 | William Levins | Comments

The William - coolest cook top ever!

I'm not really much for cooking. And stoves and appliances rarely excite me. But the The William, a new concept for an electric, touch screen stove-top - yeah it's awesome. »

Aug 30, 2010 | William Levins | 1 Comments

A passion for old calculators inspires a collector’s online museum

Technology buff, Emil Dudek, of South Wales, U.K. apparently loves old calculators. He's spent years, collecting, dissecting, and building a website in homage to them. It's strange and geekily interesting at the same time. »

Aug 29, 2010 | William Levins | Comments

Philadelphia to levy tax on most Bloggers

When you first learn of this, you can't really believe it's true. Could a city be so down on it's luck that it would attempt to tax even casual bloggers? It seems utterly absurd. But I guess the the City of Brotherly Love holds no love for bloggers. »

Aug 27, 2010 | Casey Knox | Comments

Beautiful Icelandic Architecture Brings Life to Mundane Necessities

The project, titled Land of Giants, is the winning selection of the Landsnet competition on high-voltage transmission line towers »

Aug 17, 2010 | William Levins | Comments

Typekit makes using traditional fonts in your web design easy

After reading an article about and Adobe licensing classic fonts for use on the web - my interest was piqued. I know that web fonts are coming, but like most HTML5 and CSS3, wide spread adoption will take years. But Typekit seems to do it now. »

Aug 09, 2010 | Lacey Ackerman | Comments

A glance at the new features of Adobe Creative Suite 5

With the arrival of my CS5 upgrade came endless research on the program's new features. Read more to see what's new. »

Jul 23, 2010 | William Levins | Comments

Ultraviolet - An industry DRM solution that’s too little, too late

Recently the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), a group of 58 Hollywood studios and technology companies, announced they're cooperating to create a universal DRM solution that permits a purchase once watch anywhere technology. »

Jul 15, 2010 | William Levins | Comments

Will Old Spice Commercial and Viral Success Equal Increased Sales?

The commercials are funny and engaging. The rapid video response campaign on YouTube was terrific and stunning in its execution. But the nagging question remains, will it all translate into more sales for Old Spice shower gel among 18-34 year olds? »

May 14, 2010 | Lacey Ackerman | Comments

Five must-have apps for travel

The iPhone can turn into a handy travel device »


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