A little rant about signage

A little rant about signage

Signs, signs… everywhere signs. I’ll admit I’m not crazy about signs. Most of them are poorly designed and they can become overwhelming.

But signs are necessary for some things – I get that. For example, here in NJ it’s spring, which means carnival/festival time. The best way to promote these events is with signage in the area where the event will be held. Same goes for summer concerts, etc. - you get the idea.

What. Where. When.

Let’s go back to the five W’s and one H that I learned back in high school journalism (big shout-out to Edna Neely): Who, what, when, where, why, and how. Obviously when you’re promoting an event, the why and the how aren’t necessary. And in cases where the event isn’t focused on some sort of performance, the who isn’t necessary either.

But if you’re advertising an event, you need to prioritize the what, where, and when. Today, as I was driving back to my office after an appointment I saw a sign for an upcoming carnival. Even though I was stopped in traffic, and the sign wasn’t that far away (and I was wearing my glasses), I could not read where the carnival was located. I could (barely) see the dates, and the time for the carnival didn’t appear at all – at least not that I could see.

Having a child who LOVES carnivals, festivals - basically anything that involved rides, food, and games, I am the target market for this particular sign. But traffic started moving again, and I never could read the location for this particular event.

And this is a pretty common occurrence. I often see signs for concerts, festivals, etc. that proudly promote musical acts, car shows, food, games, etc., but when it comes to the when and where, that information becomes secondary, and gets lost.

And then the people who are truly interested in that event are left to search for “carnival from May 10 thru the 14th in South Jersey.” Sadly, this is also useless, as websites dedicated to events in New Jersey seem to forget that southern New Jersey exists. But that is a rant for another day.

Apr 19, 2016

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