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Sour Billy CocktailAs a budding mixologist - I like to try new cocktails. I have a few recipe books and I’ve slowly been working my way through. Then the other night…disaster, I couldn’t find my book…so I had to create a cocktail from scratch. Fortunately, it turned out delicious.

First some background. The wife and I have a lovely ritual. When we get home together, she’ll start preparing dinner, and I’ll mix us up a refreshing cocktail (then help with dinner). This works out well and we’ve found some very good cocktails - but they’ve all come from drink guides. But as I said, the other night the recipe books were no where to be found so I had to wing it. Admittedly I played it safe…mixing some standard alcohols with common mixers.

This drink probably already exists, as I said, it uses standard elixirs, but I’m not familiar with it and/or don’t know the name….so for now, I’m calling it a Sour Billy.

A Sour Billy

Mix in cocktail shaker over ice. Shake vigorously. Serve with a garnish of lime or orange.

  • 2 oz Absolute Citron Vodka
  • 1 oz Cointreau
  • 1 oz Grenadine
  • 1 oz Midori Melon Liqueur
  • 2 oz Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice

Mar 10, 2009

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Kassie, sounds yummy. I'll have to try that one.

William Levins
Feb 01, 2013

Here's another for you to try -- it's called an Adam and Eve.

In a martini shaker: Absolut vodka, apple pucker and then add a splash of lemonade. Rim the chilled martini glass with cinnamon sugar. Delicious.

Kassie W.
Feb 01, 2013

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