Add your content to your site first… then share it

Add your content to your site first… then share it

Social media is great. But far too often we encounter clients that use it as their primary distribution source for their content. And well, that’s not generally a good idea. You lose control of your own content and what’s worse, its existence is fleeting.

Add new content to your site first

If you’re writing a blog, add the content to your site, then share it out to social networks. If you’re hosting an event or a webinar, create an event page on your site first, then share it out to social media and “event services” and public calendars. Distributing a press release? Add it to your site… and schedule it to “publish” at or near the same time as your press release goes out. In fact, if you’re creating almost anything new, get it on your site first or ASAP. There are rare exceptions, but adding the content to your site before sharing it is a good habit to get into.

Why your site first?

The simple reason is reach. Adding content to your site first gives you a boost in search engines and establishes your authority as the generator of the content. In addition, by making the content available on your site, it will exist virtually forever in search engines - providing long-tail search engine optimization. You can then continue to re-purpose your content (e.g., blogs, news, etc.) weeks, months, and years in the future. Moreover, as it lingers online, others may discover it and share it too.

Electing to post content to social media only limits your reach dramatically, especially as social networks apply algorithms that reduce organic reach (to coerce advertising dollars). Worse yet, the lifespan of a Facebook or Twitter post is very short. Users feeds fill up and push your content off into the cyber abyss very quickly - sometimes in mere minutes. Most of this content will never be seen again as the deluge of social posts continues daily. So if you miss the small window when your social post can be seen, you’re effort has essentially been wasted.

Whereas if you post to your site first you can share it, then share it again later, or use various services to schedule re-sharing it over the span of hours, days, weeks, or longer. And as mentioned above, your content will be sucked up by search engines too - so others can find it and potentially share it.

So the moral content of this post is…

Add original content to your site first so you get credit for it, search engines index it, and so you can share it now and again in the future. Not to mention, should another social network appear in the future - you’ll be able to easily re-share your content to it as well. So keep your content on your site and it will live forever and ever.

Jul 27, 2015

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