Adzookie Offers a Way to Pay the Mortgage


Normally I would be raging. Advertisers taking up every bit of space available anywhere. Crowding our thoughts, our lives with millions of images hocking the latest anything. But for some reason I am a little forgiving of this one. Perhaps its the closed storefronts on my street. Saying good bye to my favorite cashier at the grocery store because of layoffs. The 5 or 6 homes on my drive home with signs out front saying bank owned or even the year or 2 my boyfriend has been looking for a job and hasn’t found one. So if ya gotta make a buck or save the family homestead by letting Adzookie paint your house like a rainbow…. I say go for it. The minimum time is 3 months and they offer to paint it back when you’re done. I don’t know sounds like a blessing to me.  Sign up here.

Apr 12, 2011

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