Alright With the Snow Already!

Alright With the Snow Already!

I like a good snow day every now and then, but this season has been rough and quite frankly I’m over it. This global warming has totally messed up my groove and is giving me more reason to want to move South. And how long has it been since good ole Phil has been right anyway? Last year Phil couldn’t even agree with his competition; and who was right and who was wrong? Well if you ask the “Inner Circle”, Phil’s caretakers, Phil is never wrong. He has one heck of a spin team. According to Storm Fax, Phil is right 39% of the time. What does this all boil down to…

Its gonna snow again and i can’t stop it!!

So if you’re mad like me and wanna find info out there on how much the snow is gonna affect you and/or information on Phil, so we can all bring down his tyrannical reign; check out some sites i found while searching for a place to lay my anger.

Jan 31, 2011

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