Am I the only person left alive who prefers Blockbuster?

Am I the only person left alive who prefers Blockbuster?

Here’s my thing. I’m impatient and I love movies. Good ones, bad ones, in-between ones…. I just like them.

The fact is they start advertising for a movie to be released about a year before its actual release. Then it is released. And unless I was a millionaire, going to the movies on a bi-weekly basis is kind of out of the realm of economic feasibility. So since that is out, (except for those occasions when I just simply can’t wait) my next option is waiting for it to be released on DVD. This typically happens from 6 months to 1 year after it was released in theaters….

So here I am a year and a half later, salivating to see all those movies I’ve been teased about for so long. At this point my patience is gone and I wanna see the dang movie…. I can A) walk in my local Blockbuster and rent it or B) put it in my queue on Netflix and cross my fingers that the previous videos I had have gotten back to Netflix - so I’m lucky enough to get it within a day or 2 of its release. Otherwise, I’m forced to play the Russian roulette of returns and waiting for a couple weeks before all the stars align and I get my target movie.

I want it when I want it. It’s why I prefer Blockbuster

I’m not a fan of OnDemand, I already pay enough to Comcast, and sometimes I need to rent a movie then watch it later or move to the bedroom. So again Blockbuster and physical DVD is my best option. So I guess I’m one of the last people willing to drive over to Blockbuster to get want I want. And then there’s the whole thing of searching for a movie OnDemand or on Netflix. It’s not possible to do easily. When I walk through Blockbuster I’m on a voyage. I wander up and down isles and stumble upon movies I forgot I wanted. I just like the experience. I hope I get to continue it since it doesn’t look good for Blockbuster.

Dec 01, 2010

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