An Excellent QR Code Use

Every once in a while someone gets an idea that is just too good not to share.  A fellow by the name of Viktor Petit was looking for an internship and wanted to find a way to actually speak to the person who would be receiving his resume.  What did he do? Check out the video below.

Now you may think, “well he’s done that now I can’t come up with anything that clever”.  But this is a good idea in general - not just his execution of it.  Including a QR code on a resume may just be the one thing that makes your resume stand out from the rest.  With competition so fierce these days you can’t get by on talent and experience alone, because you are up against 4 or 5 other similarly talented and experienced people.  Finding a way to have your resume in their hands longer, and in a way that the person reviewing it can get more information about you, might just be the edge you’ll need.  Now since this is such an AH HA! good idea i predict within the next year a lot of people will be doing it. So if you’re out there looking, get on it now - before a QR code becomes just more of the noise our regular resumes make.

Apr 28, 2011

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