Baseball’s Best Infographics

As Iíve mentioned in previous posts, I love baseball. Iím also a graphic designer who appreciates good, clean design. In a world with an incredible amount of cluttered advertising, itís refreshing to see a clear, understandable layout. I feel as if simple, clean design is about as scarce as seeing a zebra run through your backyard. Unless, of course you live in Africa where mass amounts of zebras migrate across the Serengeti.
Sports teams are notorious for producing ìin-your-faceî graphics. Bold letters, gradients and drop shadows dominate the sports arena. However, what happens when you combine the statistics of various sports such as baseball, with a highly skilled designer such as Craig Robison? You get clean, gorgeous, easy-to-read, infographics! Below are a few of my favorites, but if you get some time, take a look at his site, Flip Flop Fly Ball. If you love baseball and you love infographics, you have to see his work. Not only are his statistics interesting, his graphics are very simple, yet also highly entertaining.

Green Monster Graphic

Smoking Stadiums
Washington Teams

Aug 21, 2009

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