Blogging for Your Business

Blogging for Your Business

We blog for our business. And we encourage all of our customers to do the same. Blogging allows you to consistently provide new content to your customers – it keeps your website fresh.

But often, businesses push back against the idea of blogging because they feel their business is not suited to the concept. I’m here to tell you that every business can blog. And it’s easier than you might think.

Take, for example, a local ice cream parlor. They might have an extremely simple web site, with hours of operation, a listing of flavors, and maybe a few events. What could they possibly find to blog about?

If their business is ice cream, then we can assume they are experts in the creamy frozen treat. They are in a unique position to talk about the ingredients and flavor combinations they use. They can even talk about the processes they use to create their delicious treats, or the history behind these processes. And, as a small business that relies heavily on local foot traffic, they can blog about local events and attractions their customers might find interesting.

What some businesses don’t realize is this: Not every blog entry needs to have a direct “sales goal.” In fact, you’re doing something wrong if every blog post talks about your products or your business. A blog exists to engage your customers and potential customers. Write about things that answer their questions or solve their problems. Sometimes, it’s just a good idea to write to entertain.

Keep It Simple

Yes, once in a while it’s OK to blog about something really technical and involved. But, for the most part, your blog should be conversational – like you’re sitting down having a chat with your favorite customer. It’s a myth that you have to be an excellent writer in order to be a good blogger (though I would encourage the use of spell-check, or a proofreader if you have difficulty with the difference between their, there and they’re). Choose a subject you find interesting, find a way to relate it to your business or the interests of your customers, and go with it.

It might not seem easy at first, but once you start blogging, you’ll find that you have more to share than you realized. Happy blogging!

Jun 26, 2013

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