Buy What Your Clients are Selling

It has long been a given in the advertising/marketing industry: Buy what your client is selling. In other words, if your client is Pepsi, you’d best not be drinking Coke.

It is a critical part of the client relationship: When you believe in your client’s product or service, and you’re a consumer of it, you’re better able to help them sell it. And what better way to show your sincerity than to use the product yourself? It’s not a stretch for an advertising agency. After all, our business is to help our customers sell their products and services, so it makes perfect sense to become a vocal supporter of their business by buying what they’re selling.

But this is true no matter what business you’re in. Whatever your business, you have “clients”. And in every business, it is crucial to build a good relationship with your clients. So why not strengthen that relationship by supporting their business endeavors? It’s one of the principles of networking: you are going to buy from the people you know and like. By becoming their customer as well as their vendor, it gives you increased opportunities to interact with them, and let’s face it, if your clients are succeeding, they are likely bringing more business to you: it’s a win-win situation.

So take the time to look over your customer base. It’s likely that several of them offer products or services that you need in either your business or personal life. Think of it: if even half of everyone who worked for companies that supplied goods and services to General Motors purchased a GM car, the company would probably not be in the dire situation it finds itself in now. In turn, the people working for those companies would be more likely to keep their jobs.

Apr 21, 2009

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