Design in 2013 - Flat is the new Black

Design in 2013 - Flat is the new Black

As the year closes out and we look back the one most defining design trend, all around, is flat design. So much so, I have no problem deeming 2013 as the year of flat. From websites, to print, to reworking of corporate identities, flat design has taken over.

Though this is indeed a trend, it shouldn’t be thought of as new, even though it is refreshing. In the grand scheme of things design will always come back to this, because it is the very definition of what design is supposed to be. Flattening design signifies a trend back to basics. Good design or rather actual design is a stripping away of all unnecessary information leaving form to follow function. There is nothing new about it. The most timeless and awe inspiring design is always flat or stripped to its basic. Eventually we will leave this trend and we will slowly morph back into the over stuffed, opulence, and then on to gritty deconstruction but until then I will enjoy this time when the general publics eye aligns with my eye.

The one thing that is inspiring me about this trend happening in 2013 is that to me it feels like the trend is following the public consciousness that its time to get back to basics and 2014 and beyond will be a place we build on into the future, hopefully for the better, whether it be in design or in life. To me this trend signifies new beginnings in more then just the design world.

Dec 31, 2013

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