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Have you ever been given a project, such as a postcard or folder and not known the required specs or exact measurements of the piece? You would have preferred to have a template, but none was provided? A few years ago, a fellow designer introduced me to a very practical website called Designerís Toolbox. In the past, the site only contained a handful of helpful hints for designers. However, in a short time period, the site has expanded and is now comprised of an ample amount of pertinent information for both print and web designers alike. Not only does it contain typical envelope, folder, paper and postcard sizes in the United States, it also has a list of common measurements for various paper and business card sizes around the world. And if that wasnít enough, you can download .EPS files of die lines for various pieces! This feature is very helpful when creating more difficult layouts, especially when a template is not provided. The site also has information on web browser elements such as common banner sizes and various .PSD files displaying typical web safe areas. And for those who find math to be the bane of all evil (or canít find a calculator), the site contains a very handy conversion chart. In addition, the site also incorporates a blog, links to helpful articles, an online store, and features a website of the week. Next time you are creating a business card for a client in Europe or need a template for an oversized postcard being mailed in the United States, check out Designers Toolbox! Itís a very helpful website for both print and web designers!



Aug 31, 2009

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