Does Your Business Need A Brochure?

Does Your Business Need A Brochure?

Often, smaller businesses pour everything into their website. And when it comes time to think about a brochure, they think it is somehow unnecessary, because the website explains their business in one universally easy to locate place on the web. Websites are very important in promoting awareness, but there are many reasons to include a corporate brochure when planning what materials your business will need.

You will find that a brochure is an indispensable tool when searching for new business prospects. When reaching out, the golden rule is that you’ll need 7 points of contact before a prospect trusts you. Having a well-written and expertly-designed brochure not only lends credibility to your company, but it allows you an opportunity to follow up on initial contacts. When face-to-ace with potential clients, having a brochure to hand someone can open opportunities for discussion without sending them away to go look at a webpage.

With all the technology we have today, people welcome the opportunity to unplug. Having something they can flip through, look at, make notes on, etc. is simply a different way of getting your company into the minds of potential clients. Because of the psychology behind the act of writing, a person is more likely to remember, and/or save for later, a brochure that they have made a note on, than a webpage they have flipped through.

How to create a good brochure

A good brochure will be a complement of writing and design. When you are ready to begin creating your brochure, the first step is to put pen to paper and write. Unlike your webpage, a brochure shouldn’t be as lengthy and full of words. Keep your sentences short and uncomplicated. The focus of your brochure should be on the most important aspect of your business. Present an opportunity that would interest prospects, a reason to respond, and a way to take action.

Once you have the content, it's time to move to design. If you have spent money in order to have the perfect website, then it stands to reason that you should care just as much about your brochure. You could use a template but most likely the copy you’ve worked so hard on perfecting would need to be shoehorned into a template design. This could compromise the message. Not only that, but there should be a continuity of design between the website and brochure in order to reinforce corporate branding. This will lend credibility to your busines,s giving prospects confidence in your company and product or service.

A brochure, when professionally designed and well written, is an indispensable tool for contact with your business. It is an extension of your branding and a workhorse for reaching out to potential clients. Do you need a brochure? Yes.

Sep 30, 2013

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