Edward P. DiMingo - Super Marketing Genius

Edward P. DiMingo - Super Marketing Genius

A while back, I wrote about the importance of discovering and clinging to mentors during your business career in “The importance of mentors in business”. And while I preferred to keep them secret (even to them) so I could continually absorb their wisdom at no charge...I will admit to one.

Edward P. DiMingo, my marketing mentor

At a prior company, I was fortunate to be recommended to the company he worked for at the time. Even better, that firmed hired our design company, so Ed and I got to work together for the first time - amazingly over 13 years ago. During the years, he’s moved to various companies and so have I. But we always tried to work together as client and designer when possible - and for a brief interlude - we worked together at the same company.

Throughout the time I’ve known Ed I’ve always secretly admired his acumen, marketing savvy, and no BS attitude. And on more than one occasion I’ve sought his advice and wisdom. I believe he’s helped me grow as a designer and expand as a marketer. I continue to learn from him today... but enough of my Ode to Ed. What’s more important than my affection for Mr. DiMingo’s marketing smarts is that he’s now sharing his knowledge and wisdom with the world.... for free!

The Art Of Positioning - Strategic Marketing Website

Over Ed’s career he authored many articles and whitepapers and had many published. But recently, he’s updated a bunch and has begun to share them online at his new website. So far he’s made six available - and they’re all stellar, informative, and a must read for new and old marketers. So I highly recommend you take advantage of my mentor’s wisdom as he shares it... and maybe you’ll be writing your own Ode to Ed in a few years. Enjoy...

Edward P. DiMingo’s White Papers:

The fine art of positioning
It’s not about clever slogans and slick ad campaigns. It’s about serving your market better than competitors—that’s the essence of positioning.

Strategies for building market share
In good times and bad, the shares of other players offer huge potential for advancing your company’s position. And it’s your move!

Marketing strategies for small-share players
The only leader a market has is the one defined by market share, not by exotic technology or anything else. To measure market leadership, dollar volume share is all that counts.

Turning prospects into buyers
Navigating your way to new customers Give prospects the information they need when they need it and you can turn tire-kickers into buyers. Game on!

Chart – IMC optimizes CRM
Here’s where integrated marketing communication strengthens your ability to manage customer relationships, and the outcome is higher sales!

The 5 Rs of marketing
Relevance + Receptivity + Recognition + Response + Relationships = A better, stronger brand!

Apr 05, 2013

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