Engaging with Influencers is a critical part of any marketing plan

Engaging with Influencers is a critical part of any marketing plan

We’ve discussed in a previous blog that organic reach on social media has declined. And while constantly trying to improve that organic reach is a worthwhile goal, there are other ways to reach your intended audience.

Influencer marketing is growing

Social media influencers are individuals (usually bloggers or online “celebrities”) who have the power to shape the purchasing habits of their audience. We all know how well “word of mouth” marketing can work for (or, in unfortunate cases, against) a brand. And while we typically think positive word of mouth marketing can only come from someone we know personally, industry-specific authority figures have become an important part of building a successful brand. They are typically seen as trustworthy (especially if they’re not being paid directly for an “endorsement”), and they’re showing a substantial return on investment for brands using influencers as part of their marketing efforts.

Approximately 75% of companies used some form of influencer marketing in 2015, with an estimated 85% planning to employ influencer marketing in some way in 2016 – because it’s cost-effective and it works.

How can influencer marketing help my brand?

Bloggers and other social media influencers are one of the top three most-consulted decision-making tools for shoppers. And even though these influencers are not usually personally known by the shoppers, they are still trusted more than any branded content or traditional advertising.

Online is where many of us spend a large portion of our time. If we find bloggers or other sites that hold our interest, we return to them again and again. Perhaps for tips to make our lives better, or entertainment, or to watch for bargains.

As a marketer, your job is to find out where your target audience is spending their time online. Find the bloggers, social media “stars” and newsmakers who appeal to and have the trust of your customers and potential customers. And then look for ways to partner with them to build the reputation of your brand.

For help identifying and connecting with the influencers in your industry, give us a call!

Dec 02, 2015

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