Enhance your website or ecommerce with online chat solutions

Attracting visitors to your site is only half the story. You then have to convert prospects into customers. Online chat helps with this conversion. Consider it the web equivalent of a sales person asking “may I help you find what you’re looking for?” 

Online Chat Can Increase Conversions and Purchases

By providing an online chat option to visitors you’ll discover new and existing customers will forgo stumbling around a site and instead ask for help via chat. Online chat provides a similar experience to a sales person asking a customer “can I help you today?”  It’s also an easy, and somewhat anonymous way visitors can talk with a company representative directly. By engaging with a prospect browsing your site you can offer advice or guidance and greatly enhance their experience.

Online chat solutions can be utilized for sales, customer, or technical support. And today’s technology solutions allow for support by anyone anywhere. Several leading chat solutions now incorporate mobile chatting options that link customers browsing your site with your iPhone or Android phone during a chat session. The website operator can be seated on their couch in pajamas and offer real-time online chat with customers from around the world.  

Five Online Chat Solution Providers

Finding the right online chat solution involves a lot of different factors. Will you have dedicated staff to chat or do you require the ability to be more mobile? Do you need to have the chats inter-operate with your customer relationship management (CRM) software? Do you want to license and install the chat solution on you sever/site or do you want a hosted solution that offers more flexibility? To find the right solution you’ll probably need to chat with the leading chat providers.

1) Liveperson is an early pioneer of chat and it’s been deployed by large & small companies

Liveperson online chat

2) SightMax offers installed, hosted, and mobile chat solutions

SightMax online chat

3) Zopim offers easy to install code for any website and permits mobile connected chat

Zopim online chat

4) SnapEngage works with a multitude of computer and mobile chat solutions offering flexibility

SnapEngage online chat

5) Cutesoft Live Chat is an ASP.NET locally installed chat solution

CuteSoft Live chat

Mar 05, 2011

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