Fun with Slogans

Fun with Slogans

Several years ago, I was on a Burger King kick. At least once a week, I would “treat” myself to a fast food meal, and Burger King was my preference (I was younger, and my metabolism was higher). And I NEVER ordered a meal “as is”: I always ordered my burgers with “no pickle, no tomato.” Which was OK – after all, Burger King’s slogan was “Your way right away.”

I remember one specific evening, my boyfriend (now my husband) and I stopped at a Burger King on our way home from shopping. The location we got our food from was close to the mall, but a fair distance away from our apartment. When we got home and unwrapped our food, lo and behold, my burger had both pickles and tomatoes. Now, the tomatoes can be picked off without much disturbance. But once a sandwich has been tainted with pickles, there’s no way I’m eating it. Going back out wasn’t an option, so I just sulked and found something else to eat. Oh, and I came up with what I felt was a more appropriate slogan for Burger King: “Have it Our Way, then Go Home and Pick off the Stuff You Don’t Like.” I amused myself with that one.

More “Realistic” Slogans

Today, The Huffington Post published a blog about slogans for some of the world’s most recognizable brands – slogans that make more sense than the real ones. Some are better – and more accurate – than others. But they’re all rather amusing. Plus, they made me remember my Burger King brilliance from years ago. So today, I share them with you.

Oct 23, 2013

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