Funny how social media is the big thing but the content generally originates else where.

Funny how social media is the big thing but the content generally originates else where.

Funny how social media is the big thing, but the content being shared more often than not originates on someone's blog, YouTube channel, or website. Sure, some folks create “content” directly on Facebook or Linkedin or Tumblr. But if you scan your social profiles - you’ll find more than likely, they’re sharing content from some place else. Especially if you’re using Twitter - it’s tough to create original content in 140 characters or less.

It’s the basis of social media - to share. To share what’s happening to you or your life and to share what you find interesting or illuminating. Look at the other big social media sites: Instagram, Pinterest, and Flickr - they’re about sharing photos and/or videos. Stuff that originates some place else!

Which brings me to my point!

Social media for business will only be effective in the long-run if you’re creating content that’s worthy of sharing. Even content curation (finding and sharing other’s content) will only get you so far. Unless you’re sharing your own content you won’t demonstrate your unique point-of-view or advantage. Social media for business can help establish and influence opinions about your brand well before the “consumer” evaluation stage. It’s why professionals have been hosting call-in radio programs for decades - to share their knowledge and to become authority figures - so that when you need a lawyer, investment help, or real estate guidance - you’ll be more likely to look them up (and hire them). Well social media democratizes this ability - it unlocks the stored knowledge and experience of millions and allows the best to rise to the top.

But you have to be creating content that’s interesting, compelling, helpful, or educational. Yes, social media can also be an excellent customer service conduit too - but that’s a different topic. As social media becomes part of your day-to-day marketing you need to embrace it as an extension of your brand and as a method to expose millions to you (and your brand) in a way never before possible.

Social media & Content Marketing

But to really gain traction in social media - businesses have to be doing it right. They need to author, create, and share their own content freely. It’s why established companies are spending more and more on unique content that’s then shared. Coke, Red Bull, Pepsi Max, Chevy (and other car manufacturers) are all investing heavily in content generation and social media so they can influence prospects and introduce their brands earlier and earlier to potential consumers.

Conversely, American Express has cultivated an “open forum” for small business seeking professional advice. And they’ve created “shop local” events and promotions and brought together communities.

But you don’t need to spend enormously or create expensive and daring videos and stunts to generate content to share. You can search on almost any topic and find tons of resources that will educate and inform. Or you can ask your social networks - and they’ll share with you what or “who” they know.

Mar 18, 2013

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