Gain Commercial: Grammar Police Unite!

If you haven’t caught newest Gain commercial, you can watch it below. In the commercial they say “Bill’s mornings have never been gooder”. When my boyfriend and I first saw this commercial we had the same reaction i think most people did. “Did they just say gooder?” I was shocked and confused and searching in my head for a reason. Why would a company whose sales target is mostly mothers working hard to raise their kids right and educate them, use this as a method of sale. Well if they were trying to get my attention they sure did. In fact they got alot of peoples attention. Though I doubt it would be for the right reason. Looking around at the message boards and tweets most people seem to think this big company made a huge grammar error, most are missing the point that they did this on purpose. In fact if you visit their website you can see they planned a whole campaign around the “good’er” term. But why?

The only response I have found is on some message boards here, however I’ll leave t to you to decide whether it is a true response or not. It says something about making it play off the expression “have a good morning”. Which still doesn’t make sense.

Now I’m not the grammar police, as you can tell from reading my blogs, and I’m not offended by it, but I do think this is a very bad decision and it makes me want to shake my head again at the advertising industry for adding to the dumbing down of America.

Next time they should do gooder, I mean they couldn’t do worser.

Jan 31, 2011

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