Get a kickstart on that project with Kickstarter

Get a kickstart on that project with Kickstarter

If you have a creative project in mind, but lack the proper funding needed, try using the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world, Kickstarter. Each month, thousands of people donate millions of dollars to projects in which they feel deserve it.

How does it work?

Kickstarter consists of projects from an array of categories, such as art, dance, food, film, music, technology, publishing and more. If you have an innovative idea, start off by thinking about how much money you’ll need to raise to fund the project. The site will ask for your goal amount and the project must reach it’s funding goal before time expires. If you do not reach your ultimate goal, you are not forced to follow through with the project. The creator is not obligated to develop their project without proper funding. This allows anyone to try out the concepts without risk. (And just as a side note, project creators keep 100% ownership. Kickstarter will not receive any percentage.)

Not only will you earn the money you need to follow through with your concept, but you may also establish a fan base. If they like your idea, odds are that they will spread the word. Sure, people may pledge some money if they absolutely, truly believe the final product will be a masterpiece. However, another way to pull in extra support is by offering products or rewards. It’ll also work in your favor if you upload a video communicating what your project is about.

How to pledge

To donate money to a project, simply click the “Back this Project” button, enter your pledge amount and reward, then proceed through the Amazon checkout process. If that project becomes successfully funded, you will be charged when the goal is met. If it is not met, you will not be charged.

So even if you don’t have an idea in mind, or don’t plan on pledging towards a project, I still suggest you check out the site. You can still view videos of potential projects and some of them are really worth watching…it could get your creativity flowing.

Feb 03, 2011

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