Get your site working on mobile damn it!

Get your site working on mobile damn it!

There are many ways to make your site mobile-ready. My preferred method uses responsive web design to accommodate all types of screen sizes. My least favorite is building a mobile specific browsing experience that uses an alternate url structure. Or you can use various plug-ins if your CMS supports them - to repurpose your content. This is similar to option two, but it keeps the URL structure in tact but reduces the layout and content options. But at the very minimum - add the correct viewport setting so your normal website at least scales itself to fit my smart phone - and for Pete’s sake - permit zooming.

But for the love of all that’s good in the world - stop the stupid pop-ups asking me to subscribe to your email list; stop the download our “app” notices (if I want your stupid app I’ll seek it out). And if you’re going to use slideshows or paged content make it function correctly (and quickly) on mobile. And if you’re going to split your lousy article or blog post onto multiple pages in the lame attempt to serve more ads - at the absolute minimum allow me to view it as a single page - if I choose to!

Yes, I’m getting angry at non-mobile ready websites!

You’ve probably picked up on my disgust and disdain for websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. It’s been nearly six years since the iPhone debuted (in 2007) and changed the course of smart phones. Now, the percentage of users carrying smart phones is nearing 50% - so it’s time to get your crap together and make your site work on mobile.

There’s also almost no excuse. Virtually all modern CMS solutions have responsive design framework templates available or they’re able to utilize various independent frameworks such as Twitter’s Bootstrap or Zurb’s Foundation. Or you can download a plug-in to repurpose your site’s content so it’s mobile friendly. It’s simply unacceptable to update or design a new site that’s not 100% mobile-ready and friendly.

So stop abusing your mobile visitors. It’s 2013. If your site isn’t mobile-compatible - get the hell off the internet.

May 16, 2013

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