Goodbye Ms. B

Goodbye Ms. B

After 11+ years with us as our office cat and after having her kittens Aloha (Stinky) and Ipo in our Cherry Hill office. Ms. B left us today. And the office is a more somber place.

From the first day John brought you into the office after recusing a very sick kitty outside his house, we should have known you would become our office mascot. It was almost assured when we discovered you were going to have kittens. After they arrived, there was no way we were going to say farewell to our new cat family. And so your boys grew up with you in our Cherry Hill office.

However, in May of 2012, when that business closed, you came to stay at our new office in Laurel Springs. Your boys came to live with Elaine and I at home (with Maddy too). Though we did have them visit from time to time. But you seemed happy being an only cat. 

You were the hit of the office, sitting by the front door. All the kids visiting the eye doctor next door would stop and say "hello". Or look for you when they couldn't see you. And after many years... you eventually even warmed up to us. And in your final weeks, even began to snuggle.

It will take a while to get over your loss Ms. B. For over eleven years I said hello and goodbye each day as I started and ended working - or simply stopped to feed you over the weekends. 

So long Ms. B, say hello to Ipo, your kitten son who passed away a year prior. He was tough to lose too, but at least now he has his mother to snuggle with again.

Jul 01, 2016

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Oct 11, 2016

I wish you all the best 😊

Sep 29, 2016

very cute cat 😊

Sep 29, 2016

Goodbye beautiful girl :-(

Aug 26, 2016

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