Google Not Paying Artists?

Who wouldnít want their designs chosen as a custom skin for Googleís Chrome Browser? Everyone wants a little fame or recognition every once in a while. Your design would be seen worldwide, used by thousands of people! But, what if I said, you wouldnít be paid for your hard earned work? Google, one of the worldís largest companies is refusing to pay artists for their work in the creation of custom Chrome browser skins. They promise free exposure, but no compensation. This is very similar to someone getting a haircut, but not paying for it stating they ìjust want to try it outî. Instead of the stylist getting the money he earned, heíll get ìfree exposureî by his client raving about his/her new haircut. This doesnít seem fair, does it? Artists need to live just like everyone else. They need money for rent and food, just like everyone else.  Why is it acceptable for a large company like Google to ask for free work from freelance artists, but not their own full-time employees? 

Itís difficult making a living as an artist. Google is a well-known, well-established company.  They have billions of dollars. Their offices contain a multitude of exercise balls, bicycles, foosball, ping-pong and pool tables.  In addition, the Googleplex, Googleís main headquarters in Mountain View, California, has recreational facilities throughout the campus. Facilities include a work out room, weights, rowing machines, washers and dryers and a massage room.  With all these additional amenities, do Google employees ever go home?

That being said, you would think Google has enough money to pay their artists a sufficient amount of money for their hard earned work. Why would Google even consider this decision? Many professional are refusing to hand over their work. And rightly so! Iím sure there are many amateur artists that would love free exposure. However, Google will eventually see that they get what they pay for. Unfortunately, they will just have to learn the hard way.

Jun 23, 2009

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