Grow your email list or you’re doomed

Grow your email list or you’re doomed

Almost universally, the single most cost-effective method of increasing your sales is email marketing. If someone has provided their email then they’ve already demonstrated they’re interested in your company or product. So why wouldn’t you connect with them via email?

Tools and online services for sending emails are every where. Most are very affordable and even free up to a certain number of users. So in the beginning as you build your list it might cost you nothing but time. Even when you’re sending emails it’s using only a penny or less per email you send to. So the ROI is generally fantastic for most campaigns.

But what about social media?

Social media is great, but it’s not as easy as everyone makes it out to be. You can’t simply create a Facebook or Twitter page and suddenly gain thousands of followers. It takes time - and with social posts having their reach artificially lowered - it can be difficult to connect even with those who have already liked and followed you.

It’s why we like to use social media as a way to amplify our email blasts. We share out email offers via social and also integrate social media links into our emails. But it all revolves around email at the core.

So gather emails at every opportunity

We’re strong proponents for asking for emails at every customer interaction. Make it easy for someone to subscribe on your site (though we’re mixed about pop-up forms). Ask customers and prospects for their emails and add them to your list ASAP. Operating a retail establishment? Ask for emails, run a contest that requires emails, or have an iPad or computer kiosk for gathering emails. Exhibiting at a trade show? Yep, gather emails in your booth - and don’t forget to grab business cards (and emails) of everyone you network with - so you can add them to your list.

If you interact with someone - add them to your list. Assuming you're sending emails regularly, if they want to leave your list, they’ll unsubscribe when you next send them. But most won’t mind receiving emails from you - since they’ve already interacted with you or your company.

A healthy, regularly sent to email list is the best marketing tool businesses of any size can maintain and utilize. The costs are low. Personalization options are plentiful. It can be easily segmented. And you can easily track what subscribers open, click on, and eventually buy too. Email simply can’t be matched in it’s ability to cost-effectively communicate with prospects and customers. So go forth and email gather - or you're doomed... doomed I tell you.


Dec 03, 2014

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