Happy 5 Year Blog-O-Versary Nuvonium

Happy 5 Year Blog-O-Versary Nuvonium

That’s right it’s been 5 years since team Nuvonium started sharing our mind blurbs. From Pantone’s color picks, industry jest and inspiration, to marketing and design advice, we’ve had fun letting you know just how smart and funny we are. We’ve accumulated almost 600 blog entries since we began and we hope to bring you many more in the years to come.

Here are our personal picks over the last 5 years:

Casey’s Pick

Although I like lending my expertise to the production side of design, my favorite blog posts tend to be the ones where I share how I get inspired to design. Whether it's where I find fonts or how to choose a fold for a printed piece. I like the idea of sharing inspiration.

Favorite: Getting Direct Mail Attention Can Be About The Fold

Bill’s Pick

I tend to write about things that come up in conversations with my clients. They look to me to help guide them. If I don’t know the answer, I do my best to educate myself and them by researching the subject thoroughly. I like to share my findings because I know there are others out there wondering the same thing. Although I also like to share beverage recipes and anything Mad Men related.

Favorite: Your business isn’t special, it doesn’t offer top quality, and its customer service is unremarkable

Elaine’s Pick

Keeping my finger on the pulse of pop culture is a guilty pleasure of mine. Luckily, my penchant for all things watercooler-worthy actually is very useful in the world of marketing and design. I see trends and like to lend my experience to how others can use these trends to their advantage when marketing their product or company.

Favorite: Social Media: The new “word of mouth”

Mar 01, 2014

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Happy anniversary to us...

Mar 09, 2014

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