Holiday Inn Rebranding - I Like it

I’m not sure how I missed the news; perhaps it’s in part because I don’t travel frequently and, partly because the rebranding started in 2007 and won’t finish up until the end of 2010…so it’s been gradual. But I just saw the new logo…and I like it!

 Holiday Inn Old versus New Logo

While venturing out for lunch I drove past a Holiday Inn….and the new, brighter colors and new logo caught my eye. The logo is more iconic - just a simple “H” with the Holiday Inn smaller below it. Along the lines of the “W” hotels. It’s certainly more attractive and contemporary. The old logo, while recognizable, was showing it’s age. It dredged up memories of family trips to Florida - and one night stays at Holiday Inns. Sure, nothing bad associated with it, but it just seemed old and had fallen in with the Econo Lodges and Ramadas (are they even still around?).

But the new Holiday Inn logo and branding is certainly a excellent infusion of new blood. They didn’t throw out the baby with the bath water - they managed to keep the nostalgia while making it completely fresh at the same time - not a small feat.

My quick google search, looking for who created the new branding, seemed to indicate that InterContinental Hotel Group’s internal team developed and is managing the rebrand. So kudos for a job well done. I think I will seriously consider staying at a Holiday Inn the next time I travel - it will certainly have the edge in my decision - if it’s only to experience the rebranding first hand.

Here’s an interesting YouTube video that follows the change over or check out their site dedicated to their rebranding.

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Nov 13, 2009

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The new logo looks like what a 10 year old could do on a paint program. The old one's better and it still kept the old script. Shame on you metropolitan millennial.

May 27, 2017

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