How much should a blog post cost to write?

How much should a blog post cost to write?

This is a loaded question similar to 'how much should a house cost to build?' - it all depends. There’s an entire industry of freelancers and writing services that try to commoditize blog posts. Some charge by the post, or the total words, while others actually charge per word - with bumps for the quality of the writing. So it’s a difficult question to answer.

There’s definitely a range of pricing for writing blog posts

Typically, on the low end, you can find writers on that will write you a post for $5.00. Or you can contract with writing services such as and pay per word, and get 500-800 word posts for $10-$40. Or you can work with a freelancer and pay a per post cost - these typically ranging around $50-$100.

But you get what you pay for…

Content marketing is now fiercely competitive. There are literally thousands of blog posts created hourly, not to mention tons of other content (e.g., videos, infographics, social posts, etc.). So much is being created and posted that it’s no longer simply enough to create “content” for the sake of creating content. Today, you actually have to create interesting and relevant content. The days of crappy, keyword-loaded blog posts is over (thankfully). Which leads to the question - can you actually get a high-quality, well-written blog post for $5.00?

There’s generally a hidden cost to the low fees.

Well written or "quality" writing can be a bit subjective beyond grammar and spelling – and relevancy is, well… relative. But what’s often overlooked in the low cost methods for generating content is the management time and editing that will be required. Unless you don’t really care about your content’s quality (even though Google and visitors likely will) you’ll have to provide lots of background, links to resources, perhaps an outline, and then be ready to proofread and write up edits when working with commodity writing services. This time commitment isn’t included in the cut-rate fee, and instead falls on your side of the equation.

If it takes you a half hour or an hour or more to provide guidance, proof read, and to give feedback throughout the process – until you get a blog post you “like” or, at minimum, “approve” – is the low cost worth the commitment of your time? How much is your time worth per hour?

So how much should a blog post cost?

Again, this is a question that’s hard to answer, but in a perfect situation it will cost less than the revenue it generates. Though a one to one ROI figure is often incredibly difficult to track or evaluate. So a simpler figure to keep in mind is how much is your time worth? If you can afford to spend an hour or two managing the low-cost writing process, then you’ll likely pay between $5 and $40 per post – not including your time, of course.

But if your time is valuable, you’ll likely prefer to work with trusted, experienced writers that know your audience, know your industry (or who will spend the time to learn it), and who can be trusted to generate relevant, interesting, and well-written content. Maybe that post will cost you $100 or $200 per post; but if you don’t have to be involved, that might be worth it.

So in today’s world of fiercely competitive content, you’ll need to determine which is more important; simply filling up space in your blog on the cheap? Or paying a little bit more to actually create good content your visitors will want to read and share.

Sep 10, 2015

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