How to Pick a South Jersey Design, Marketing, or Ad Agency (especially if it’s us)

How to Pick a South Jersey Design, Marketing, or Ad Agency (especially if it’s us)

We’re often asked how people find us; how folks start to work with Nuvonium? It’s a question I heard so frequently, I decided to ask some of our old and new clients myself. As I did so, I figured it might make a good blog article too. Since choosing a design and marketing partner is one of the most crucial choices a small business owner has to make. One that can lead to great success or utter failure.

So I asked a few dozen of our clients, old and new, how they found us and why they chose to work with us. And I’ve compiled their answer here - they were enlightening to us - perhaps you’ll find them valuable too.


The number one way people came to us was via referrals. Either a colleague or a friend of a friend had worked with us and hence recommended us. Which of course makes us feel good. But as I asked colleagues in the design world referral / word-of-mouth was by far the number one response. More importantly, again and again I was told by both colleagues and clients that the majority of their best working experiences happened with those referrals.

An instant rapport

The second most common answer was that after interviewing agencies they ended up choosing the one they felt most comfortable with - which lucky for us, happened to be us. But I thought this answer was telling. We all like to work with people that we like and enjoy - so why shouldn’t that same criteria be applied to choosing a local design firm? Of course most also mentioned that it was our caliber of work that also swayed them. So I suppose it’s good to have both charm and talent.


Google, Bing, Yahoo or any of the myriad of search engines kept popping up too. After all if you’re new to the South Jersey area or if you’ve never hired a marketing agency before - probably the first thing you’ll do is go online and do a search. So this is a good lesson for us to keep our website updated and current.

Demonstration of thought leadership and strategic thinking

I’ll admit, this one took me a bit by surprise. But when several of our clients mentioned our blog as a bonafide marketing resource I was very pleased and proud. We try to offer good, helpful content from the lessons we’ve learned, and it was good to hear others agreed that what we write is beneficial. And while I knew we derive a lot of our leads from our blog and that our email newsletters are well read, nonetheless, I was humbled.

In the same breath, they also often mentioned our preparedness. They talked about how during our initial meeting we had done our research and came in ready with insightful and sometimes hard-hitting questions. So I guess the old adage, it pays to be prepared is indeed true.

Other reasons varied

There were a myriad of other reasons also offered, such as our fair pricing or our experience within a related industry, etc. But by and large, it came down to being referred, liking us, googling us, or admiring our thinking - which aren’t bad reasons for selecting a marketing partner.

So if you’re looking for a marketing, design, or ad agency in Southern New Jersey... of course, we’d like you to consider us. But be sure to ask friends and colleagues for referrals, use google, and make sure you like who you select - you’l be working with them closely for quite a while, hopefully.

Feb 15, 2014

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