I didn’t expect good packaging design from a Walmart brand

I didn’t expect good packaging design from a Walmart brand

Walking through the baby section of Walmart recently the Parent’s Choice brand kept attracting my eye. It was clean, bold, uncluttered and unique - it was well designed.

Walmart’s Great Value brand looks like I’d expect 

The Great Value brand looks like a discount option as I’m sure it’s intended. But Parent’s Choice stacks up well next to the leading infant brands. In fact, I think it looks better. The Walmart Parent’s Choice brand doesn’t seem to suffer from promo copy clutter - what I like to term “marketing puke”. If you look at the other leading brands - you’ll see snipes and offers and promo blurbs galore. It’s as if 100 brand managers were locked in a room and told to make the packaging as ugly and busy as possible.

In my example, diapers, Parent’s Choice does a fantastic job of clearly identifying the “size” and “quantity” in the box (Huggies comes in second). The two most important things young, tired parents, are looking for - along with price (which is good considering it’s from Walmart). The other brands all create busy, nauseating packaging festooned with loyalty promotions, free offers, and discounts. They all cloud the important information with marketing spew in the hope they’ll tempt me away from my “preferred choice.”  Funny thing though…once you find a diaper that works…you know fits your child well and is a good price….the temptation to try other brands fades rapidly. Speaking as a new dad, you don’t want to experiment once you’ve found the diaper that contains the baby expulsions. So the offers and promos just make finding what you need more difficult.

Parent’s Choice Diapers, good design, but too late

We simply don’t shop at Walmart often so I hadn’t been exposed to Parent’s Choice. I certainly would have tried the brand. Clean, well executed packaging design often attracts me from both a designer and consumer perspective. I like the recent movement towards, simple, elegant packaging design. In our busy world and lives it’s nice to simplify when possible…and if it takes me a few seconds less to find what I’m looking for in a store…because of good packaging design…I’m thankful. And Walmart’s Parent’s Choice brand certainly meets this criteria.

Hopefully Walmart’s brand managers will keep Parent’s Choice simple and well designed…and avoid the temptation towards marketing puke. If they do, my opinion of Walmart may take a 180 - design-wise that is. As I said at the start, I did not expect good packaging design from Walmart…especially considering their recent logo redesign is so awful (but that’s another blog post entirely). Good job Parent’s Choice design team. Keep up the good work.

Jan 31, 2011

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