I used my Razor today!

I was interested by the creative, viral video….but I was swayed because of the value proposition of their offer. So I joined. And you know what…it turns out they’re pretty good razors.

It’s the offer and the product that creates a customer…

Sure, the viral video was good. It got attention, it cut through the clutter…and it exploded the company into millions of peoples minds. I was one of them. But capturing a consumer’s attention is only step one. The offer has to be compelling to induce a sale or in this case a subscription. And finally, the product has to be worthy of repeat business. gains my business and will probably keep it.

I’ll admit it…the enticing offer of cheap razor blades was compelling. The cost of razors seems ludicrous. And they keep upping the price as they add more and more blades? I mean how many blades do I need? I keep expecting the announcement by a “Brand Name Razor Company” of a Face Chainsaw with 132 blades. But I’m off topic. So I signed up for the 2 blade offer…and waited. I had to wait a little longer than expected because they’re popularity had overwhelmed them. But that’s OK…it allowed me to use up my old razors.

So my razors arrived.

The razor and blades arrived in a simple package. Simple keeps costs low but adequately protects the razors - so I’m fine with that. Opening the package reveals some consistent branding and my five blades and the razor handle. I’ll admit…I was a bit concerned…the blades and handle seemed “cheap”. But I think that was due to my recent purchase of bargain brand razors. They looked cheap and they were cheap. They were awful. razor and blades packaging

But with razors, the opposite was true. They may have looked cheap…but they’re very good. The twin-blade works well and gave me a good shave. And the “lubricating strip” helped the razor glide over my face. And the handle wasn’t cheap at all…it was simply light…not the bulky type found in brand name razors. So it was fine, my initial impression was wrong.

So my shave was a success

I enjoyed my shave very much. I was pleasantly surprised and I’m confident I’ll continue my monthly subscription. I’m not a fan of shaving to begin with…but it’s a necessary evil in business…unless you’re a lumberjack. So I guess they got me with a good viral video that broke through the clutter, enticed me with a good offer, and now have made me a happy club member with a good product. I look forward to what’s next. Perhaps it’ll be - man I hate buying that stuff and it’s all too damn expensive.

Just in case you haven’t seen the video….

Mar 29, 2012

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