If you’re blogging for business but getting little in return, don’t give up.

If you’re blogging for business but getting little in return, don’t give up.

Regular readers of our blog know that we fervently support and recommend a businesses blog, and blog regularly. With recent upgrades to Google’s algorithms it’s even more important. But regular blogging can lead to depression and apathy since results and returns aren’t always immediate.

Blogging results generally take time

It would be very nice indeed if you could simply add a blog to your site and post every so often and see tremendous results - but it just isn’t so. First, blogging regularly takes a commitment, and creating compelling, interesting content takes effort. Especially if you’re blogging for business - writing content that resonates with and connects with your target audience can be challenging. You need to post frequently too. Which is a challenge for many small businesses.

We suggest our clients post one to four times per week. The more the better. Especially if you’re in a highly competitive and blog-heavy industry. Why? Well the amount of content being generated daily is mind boggling. Every day over 2 million blog posts go live. Yes, that’s about 83,000 blog posts per hour. And this statistic doesn’t include Tumblr or Facebook or other social media platforms. This is simply blogs. So what hope does your one blog post per week have in comparison? Fortunately, most of the content generated is probably awful or not related to your industry and business.

Quality eventually wins over quantity

There are huge content generators that pump out dozens to hundreds of “blog” posts per day. Much of their content is low quality and the onslaught of this poor content is part of what motivated Google to update its search engine. Many of Panda’s updates spanning 2012 through 2013 have been targeted at weeding out and devaluing this low quality content. And content mills took big hits during each update. This offers hope for your small business blog.

The good news is, even if your current blogs aren’t getting a lot of traffic or comments, that doesn’t mean it’s failing. If you’re producing good quality content you’re probably building a good source of long-tail search optimization. Over time, this will help your natural rankings – and if your posts gain popularity, it could translate into social reach or a rise in natural rankings. We’ve seen some of our popular posts rise over time from page three or four on Google to the first position - but sometimes it’s taken months or years.

If your industry is highly competitive and has a large number of active bloggers, obviously it will be more difficult to rank well on some topics. But keep trying, keep writing, and you will eventually see a return on your investment. The tipping point on most blogs is around 300 to 400 total posts. It’s not a magic number, it just seems to be a sufficient number of posts to attract attention - and if you post regularly, Google will index your site for search more frequently - helping you gain listings.

Oct 19, 2013

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