Is your sales department going into battle unarmed?

Is your sales department going into battle unarmed?

We encounter it all the time with new clients. You’ve probably encountered it with companies you’ve dealt with - or with those you’ve worked for. So what’s the affliction? Not being armed with the correct marketing materials when the sales battle begins.

Soldiers need their weapons, and so do sales people

Consider this occurrence. The phone rings – it’s a new prospect wanting to talk about what you do. The call will likely be handed off to a sales person. And then what? The sales person will talk with the prospect to try to qualify the lead. If it’s a good lead, what’s next? Does your sales person have all the tools he needs?

During the initial call...

Can your sales person direct them to a demo video, a webinar, or a case study that’s current, relevant, and on your website right now? Do they have the ability to share their screen for a real-time demonstration if it’s applicable? Can they input the contact’s information directly into a CRM solution and/or a lead nurturing / marketing automation system? Or at the very least, does the salesperson have PDFs, PPTs, or other related materials they can email during or after the call?

The follow-up meeting...

When they visit the prospect (or even an existing client) do they have up-to-date tools? Your latest brochure? New or current case studies? A sales kit of some sort that helps to continue the sale even after they’ve left the meeting? Something the prospect can review and/or share with others?

Continued contacts...

Was the prospect dynamically entered into your email list - so your marketing automation system’s monthly email will be sent to them? Was the lead added to one or more “drip campaigns” to nurture them automatically? Did your CRM schedule follow-up activities while it captured, at minimum, the highlights and notes of the interaction in case another sales person needs to jump in?

If you answered no even once...

If your answer to any of my questions was “no,” then your sales teams isn’t fully armed and they’ll likely suffer substantial casualties – or lose the battle all together – to a superior and better-equipped competitor.

It’s time for you to catch up in the arms race that is sales today. You need to invest in your team and build your arsenal so that it includes Webinars, Videos, Up-to-date Content Marketing, CRM, and Marketing Automation & Lead Nurturing. Then your team will be ready to go into battle - and your chances of victory will be ten-fold.

If any of this sounds new or foreign, then perhaps you need to enlist some allies in your battle. Someone who knows more about the weapons you need... perhaps someone like us.

Jun 28, 2014

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