Learn how to unleash your creativity with John Cleese

Learn how to unleash your creativity with John Cleese

We all fall into creative slumps. The key is to learn how to recover such slumps, or even avoid them. Our lives today are chaotic; everyone seems to be rushing from one thing to the next and there is just not enough time in the day. With this type of busy lifestyle, how can you expect your mind to kick back into creative-mode if you don’t even have the time?

British actor/writer John Cleese, gave a presentation on the creative process, providing insight that is worth remembering (see his presentation below). John answers many questions, including why it is easy to see a solution after a good night’s sleep, how to create boundaries to find the time to be creative, and more.

Today we rely on our laptops. To find creativity, we look at other peoples’ creativity, hoping to create bigger and better creativity. This is not always the answer. A good way to find it is the old fashion way. First, find the time. If you’re the big shot a work, with a crazy schedule, tell your secretary to give you an hour; an hour to escape from phone calls. Sit in your quiet office, no computer, no interruptions and just think with your creative mind. Or, on your lunch break, go to the park by yourself. Sit under a tree and think. Maybe even on your 30 minute commute to work, turn the radio off, and record ideas with your smartphone. Taking that extra time to sit quietly and think can be very helpful.

I’ll let John do the explaining… 

Jun 02, 2011

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