Less Really is More

Have you ever stood in a room with ten people talking to you at once? Maybe some were talking softly and some were yelling. Or maybe they were all speaking at the same volume. In any case, the fact that they were all talking at the same time probably means you didn’t hear anything that was said, by anyone.

The same is true in advertising. Many companies feel that they need to “grab” their potential customers by informing them of every feature and benefit of their product, all at once.

It’s an understandable position: Ad space is expensive, as are printed pieces like brochures and packaging. It’s not unreasonable to think that companies want to try to disseminate as much information as they can in the space allotted. But, as shown in the example above, when too many voices are involved, none of the messages get through.

One of the biggest challenges is convincing a client that, while they may think that every piece of information about their product is important (and it may well be), it is not possible to convey everything in one shot. An ad, a banner, even packaging on a shelf, needs to get, and hold, the consumer’s attention in a very short timeframe. The point is to make them want more… to get them to act on their experience by picking up a phone, visiting a website, or picking up a package on a shelf to look at it a little more closely.

A single, clear message has impact, and a good message leaves the audience wanting more.


Apr 05, 2009

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