Low Budget Video Marketing Examples

Recently my colleague wrote about how video marketing should be a part of your marketing mix, because nowadays it is actually more affordable than you might think. Taking advantage of the new technologies that exist, and creating video marketing for your company, is a smart move. You don’t have to be a fortune 500 to create something that will drive traffic and create awareness. If you like the idea of creating a marketing video you may have questions about which direction to take. To expand on that idea here are some of the many different approaches and examples of what you can do in order to pull something off on a low budget.  


Most likely you will be the judge of what best shows your product or service – all you have to do is translate that into a visual. The videos below are simply made to demonstrate the products they are selling, and to highlight their features in an entertaining way.

Unique idea a la social experiment

We’ve all seen them – the social experiment videos that go viral. Like the world-renowned violinist at the train station. But there are ways that you can display your product and see how the general public reacts to it, that we as a voyeuristic public like to see. Though the 2 videos below are from larger companies, their ideas are simple and demonstrative. Anyone with a handheld camera could create something similar. Just remember that you shouldn’t JUST do something odd to catch peoples attention. It should be something that is educational about your product. With the IKEA spot below we see the beauty of their product in high contrast to the settings they are in.  People get to see it and feel it. The Super Glue spot demonstrates the strength of their product and people's reaction to it.

Ongoing video feature

An ongoing video feature on your website is an excellent way to gain followers and generate content for your site. For example, we highlighted a company who creates folding dies for packaging, direct mail and more in our post, Getting Direct Mail Attention Can Be About The Fold. They have a weekly feature on their website called the 60 Second Super-cool Fold of the Week. This feature helps them gain followers by inspiring and exposing creatives who might find need for their service. It also positions them as experts in their field.

Jun 02, 2013

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