Mad Men is coming! Mad Men is coming!

Mad Men
I’ll admit, at first it peaked my interest because of the tie-in to my profession. But once the first few episodes aired, I was hooked. Now during each season I’m glued to the TV on Sundays. And I’m excited for Aug 16 at 10pm - Season 3 premieres!

Mad Men, AMC’s original program, follows protagonist Don Draper, the Creative Director for the Sterling Cooper Agency, during the Ad business hey days of the 1960s. The plot weaves together the repressed but sexy society of those days interleaving the personal stories of Don, his family, and his coworkers with an authentic portrayal of the changing times.

Even if you have no interest in advertising of the past, Mad Men is still a great show. It’s smart, sexy, and alluring with bits of humor injected, both on purpose and because the scenarios depicted of life in the 60’s seem so out-of-touch in today’s context. I appreciate when television produces something intelligent (since it’s so rare today with the plague of reality TV).

Season 3 Premieres August 16 at 10pm EST

If you haven’t watched Mad Men, then now’s the perfect time to catch up. You can watch the first two seasons in the next few weeks. Both are available on iTunes or on DVD. And I’m sure they’ll be airing on AMC leading up to the Season 3 premiere. So if you like good television, then this is one of the shows you should be watching.

Jul 21, 2009

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