Marketing 101: Do Something!

Marketing 101: Do Something!

It’s not unusual to look at a blank page and instantly get stuck. You know you need to market your business, but when you sit down to think about how and what to do your mind seizes up. There are so many choices, so many methods, and so many things to do. Where do you start?

You can’t fail until you start trying

Many business owners are worried they’ll start spending money wastefully, and so they end up doing nothing at all. Obviously, doing nothing isn’t too bright. The key is to not let fear stymie your efforts. You need to do something to market your business... it’s the only way to start gauging what works and what doesn’t.

If you’re nervous or on a shoe string budget, then start small. Or perhaps even play it a bit safe at first. Try the standard things others in your industry are doing. This won’t necessarily allow you to set yourself apart from the competition, but you’ll at least have the basics and meet the minimum expectations of your prospects and audience. More importantly, you’ll start collecting data and you’ll be able to determine if those standard efforts are working for you.

Be bold. Be daring.

Yes, it’s better to get noticed and stand out from a crowd. Once you’re more comfortable marketing your business, it’s time to get a little more creative. Be adventurous and try new outlets as your budget allows. Struggling in a crowded market, or against established competition? Take a walk on the wild side. This may mean taking a risk with your copy or photos or offers.

Except in very limited scenarios, avoid inflammatory or controversial approaches. Contrary to popular belief, bad press coverage or infamy isn’t necessarily good for you in most instances. So be provocative... but be careful to avoid topics or approaches that might be perceived the wrong way – unless you’re prepared to deal with the fallout. In which case, you can be as crazy as you desire.

But the most important thing... Get started. Pull the trigger on something. Remember that whatever ad or brochure or website you start out with doesn’t have to last forever. In fact, in most cases, your marketing will be rather fleeting in the realm of things. You can change your website, print a new brochure, or change an ad, so just get started.

Feb 06, 2015

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