My favorite free iPhone Apps

I’ve loved the iPhone since day one - well, actually day 7 when I got my 1st generation 4GB iPhone. Now I have the 32GB iPhone 3GS, and things keep getting better. And one of the coolest things now is the app store and the thrill of finding cool apps.

Here are a few of my favorite free iPhone apps

CardStar alleviates the burden of carrying around dozens of loyalty cards. You simply input your identifier number and the barcode displays on your iPhone. So when you visit your local supermarket, instead of fumbling through your wallet or purse, you simply hold up your iPhone and have them scan your barcode from your iPhone.

Over 200 radio stations from around the country at your finger tips. You can listen over WiFi or cellular networks to streaming broadcasts. I’ll often tune in to local stations when I’m away on vacation or I’ll experiment and discover new stations from around the country.

If you’re on Facebook..then this is essential. You can quickly update your status, take and upload photos, post on the walls of your friends, and basically keep up-to-date anywhere, anytime. It’s definitely a fun app if you’re big into FB.

A fun, free game where you simply toss crumpled paper into a trash can set at various distances. It sounds so simple, but it’s maddeningly addictive and a bit tougher than you’d think.

A convenient app that allows you to look up movies playing in your local theaters. You can sort by movie titles or list what’s playing at each theater. Enjoy previews, read reviews, and even purchase tickets in advance. It certainly makes your local paper’s movie listings obsolete.

If you’ve ever struggled to identify a song playing on the radio, then this is your solution. Simply tap Shazam to start it listening to nearly any music source and it will identify the song, artist, album and provide even more detail.

Google Earth is an excellent and fun app on your desktop. But on your phone, it can be truly fun.


Jul 20, 2009

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