New product and attractive new packaging for Wheaties Fuel cereal

Wheaties Fuel 
Walking through a big box store…some packaging caught my eye. It was Wheaties Fuel. The distinctive, powerful package design definitely got my attention. I almost bought a box…then I remembered, I don’t really eat cereal. But they almost got me.

I really like the strong and completely different package design. It grabs your attention and instantly gets you “amped-up”. The packaging just looks like it’s going to do something…which is the point after all. And as I said, it almost inspired me to buy…even though today, I’m far from an athlete or a cereal eater. So Kudos to Wheaties. I also enjoyed the website…very cool.

wheaties fuel web

Hopefully this will herald better packaging in the cereal aisle.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely been a marked improvement in cereal box design. It began a few years ago with Kellogg’s Smart Start, which eschewed the bright, in-your-face kids colors and ever-present “violators” for softer, understated tones. It looked and felt healthy. Now Wheaties Fuel seems to be going after an extreme sport-based audience. And it succeeded in capturing that spirit. I look forward to more “out of the box” cereal box designs.

Jan 16, 2010

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