PHD Video Controversy

OK so I must be totally off my game or something. I just came across a video made by the marketing firm PHD Worldwide.   The video was made for an industry conference to help stimulate conversation within the industry in regards to its subject.   See video below. This video has caused people to go bat sh*#t. Itís getting a huge amount of negative feedback from people being offended.

I have watched this video 5 or 6 times trying to figure what exactly is so darn offensive about it and I just canít see it. Children being exploited? How exactly? The fact that they got to sit there for a few hours, talk to a camera and get paid more then I make in month? Or was it because of the subject? Ö you know where they talk about their future selves, about how they will be smart savvy consumers who will be expecting more as new technologies come on the scene. These kids are talking about themselves in the future.   They are talking about themselves as adults.   Not the pimpleface, awkward, mudpie making, video game playing, creatures that they are currently. I must have missed something or maybe should just quit my job now and move to Walmart greeter.

First of all this message was meant for no other people than people within marketing. So quite frankly if youíre not in marketing get the heck out of the conversation.   We in marketing are well aware of how bottom dwelling our job can be this video is nothing more then a reflection of how we look at the market personified.   It answers the question what will the market be like in 10 years and asks what should we do about it? Where do we get started? Where do YOU think weíll be in 10 years? Etc., etc.   Which should spark discussion within the industry as the video is intended to do.

I guess what really upset me about this video is the way PHD Worldwide apologized for offending people.   While apologizing if what they said offended people is not a bad thing, they completely retracted by saying ìwe got it wrong on this occasionî.   Ummm not from where I sit they didnít.   If you ask me they got it spot on, it just happened to ruffle the wrong feathers.

Feb 28, 2011

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