Poor mobile experience is definitely affecting your conversions

Poor mobile experience is definitely affecting your conversions

A recent report by comScore indicates we’re well past the mobile vs desktop tipping point - today more internet interactions take place on mobile devices. Every statistic points to mobile’s edge and rapidly approaching dominance. So it goes without saying, if your site performs poorly on mobile you’re losing conversions.

A large portion of mobil activity takes place within apps, but that doesn’t mean your site gets a pass if your company doesn’t have an app. Many interactions start within an app and move quickly to a mobile browser interface. We’ve clicked links within facebook, twitter, and reddit. And if you’re like me, when the site loads slowly, you simply move on.

Mobile performance matters

Probably more so than on a desktop your site must be fast when viewed on mobile. Connection speeds are generally slower and visitors are less patient. Optimize your site for mobile by keeping images scaled properly and by removing unnecessary elements. Evaluate every script, image, and/or bit of copy weighing it’s importance against how it impacts speed and usability.

Triple check how your site displays

Responsive design has been wonderful but it’s not perfect. Check and double check your site’s display across mobile devices. Many browsers and IDEs include responsive display options - but don’t forgo testing within actual mobile browsers via screenshot SaS apps. Make sure your displayed content works for all screen sizes and orientations as best possible. Trim the fat as necessary - live the mantra mobile-first - and add content as the screen size increases when necessary. But keep small size screens clutter free.

Mobile ecommerce

One of the hardest things to do well is mobile ecommerce. If your site hosts a store plan for extra testing and review. Pay attention to even the smallest details - such as form fields, button sizes, etc. I’ve used sites that work well on the desktop but become utterly unusable on mobile when trying to shop or checkout. So triple check the user experience - and then check again.

Even if your site is mobile friendly and optimized you’ll have to keep reviewing it as device change each year. Technology pushes forward and your site’s content changes regularly (right?) so your target is always shifting. If your site isn’t mobile ready stop procrastinating and get to work on your redesign - its beyond overdue.


Oct 26, 2016

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