Print Design vs. Digital Design

Print Design vs. Digital Design

The digital age has caused many in our industry to question whether print is dying, even questioning whether there will be a need for it in a few years. I’ve heard the arguments about print dying or not dying and for the most part I believe that there will always be a desire for print. Digital technologies are changing our industry and will remain a focus in the future but the need and desire for print will still exist for many years to come.

The need for digital media is very strong; but it’s like any other marketing tool, it has its uses and purpose. When it first exploded on the scene people threw a lot of money at it knowing it was what’s next. Efforts to create a useful and well done website and social media campaign is resource intensive - which translates into a hefty hit to one’s budget. The diminished marketing budgets for most companies generally affects the amount spent on print.

Another look at print

Print will never again be the number one way in which we reach out to prospective clients, but like digital it also has its uses and purpose. It’s a personal leave behind. Its easily accessible. The various treatments and paper choices allows you to build an image for a company that is truly unique and lasting. The fact that it allows people to disconnect from the digital world also has its own merits as people become fatigued with the online world.

In a way print is now not the norm so perhaps we will see a renaissance of print in the coming years. If you are looking for a unique way to reach your audience, print has somehow become the less used and more impactful. I will always hope that companies realize ignoring print all together is a bad choice.

Dec 17, 2012

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I would say that email has pretty much killed the correspondance-type letter. It's a shame really in many ways, especially for older people who don't often have access to email and wouldn't know how to use it if they tried. It's also more memorable, in my opinion.

Jan 03, 2013

I agree. Print isn't going away. How it's used is merely changing. Just like radio didn't kill the newspaper; TV didn't kill the radio; the internet won't kill print.

William Levins
Dec 17, 2012

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