Remote Office Robot

Remote Office Robot

So if you know anything about Nuvonium you know we have 2 locations. Our main office is located in Laurel Springs, NJ and the other in Summerville, SC. Technology being what it is today the distance is closed by using things available to share things across the many miles via internet. We use Dropbox to share files. iChat to talk to one another just as if we were right in the same office. We even share an office phone line using a VoIP service called Phonebooth. You’d be just as likely to have someone answer who is in South Carolina as you would have someone answer in New Jersey. These services are the main way in which we make the miles inconsequential when doing business.

The one thing that we can’t do without a lot of notice to plan for trips is get face-to-face with people at meetings. It’s a minor issue since most of what we do is done digitally but the lack of face-to-face can be a little less personal feeling. We can get around it with careful planning and travel. However Bill ,our resident techno-geek, may have found a solution I find intriguing.

Double Robotics have created a robotic stand for your iPad which you can control from your remote iPad. It at least gets cool points for concept and really there is a whole world of possibilities yet to be discovered. You can find out more about it here and view the video below for the highlights.

I’m a little on the fence about it because well we still wouldn’t really be “there”, and I’m not sure about its practicality for our particular circumstances but its just a cool concept and rather affordable. There may be actual instances where it may come in handy even if its not completely necessary. Definitely might be novel to try it out and see what uses we could find for it. What do you think?

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