Street Art

I know a couple that lives in the city of Philadelphia, and though city life is not one I crave, they have turned me on to the art scene that goes on and is probably taken for granted, or looked upon as an eyesore to most passers by. But if you look closely there are some real gems that are interesting or just make you think. Here are a few examples.

What i really like or maybe i should say what really makes me interested in these pieces of art is that I wonder who takes the time to crochet a sleeve for a bike pole? Is it just someone who thinks the world need to be pretty? Or who goes out an paints a wall with a little boy and 3 portraits perhaps an exibitionist who just want to create things to be admired? or maybe it is just someone who wants to share whats on the inside and has no other outlet for it. At any rate, there are many wonderful pieces of art put there by the people for the people. Maybe it looks like a jumbled mess at first but if you look further each piece can be admired. You can check out more of what Philly has to offer by going to my friends Facebook page and see what gems they find in their neighborhood and around the city by visiting their facebook page The True Philly Art Scene.

These displays of art don’t just happen in Philadelphia they happen in every major city across the country and the world. So it doesn’t surprise me that they have made it onto the internet. A great place to go visit and view great street art us, it simply displays pieces of street art from around the world.

Aug 01, 2011

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