spacer - event videos assembled by crowdsourced footage - event videos assembled by crowdsourced footage gathers clips of events and concerts from social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and others - and combines user footage (filmed with phones) and syncs and splices the event together.

You can watch concerts and events from multiple camera angles…

It’s remarkable that they’re able to scrape the video content and sync it…but the truly remarkable thing is they offer multiple camera angles too. Basically, each phone video becomes a new camera angle. So you can flip around and watch the event from different perspectives.

Not all events or segments are complete. After all SwitchCam is relying on camera phone video footage gathered from different social video sites. So if an entire song is not captured by one or more people, they can’t assemble the complete footage. But they do a fairly good job.

The technology is truly remarkable and I’ll be interested to see what else appears as they start to expand.  Political speeches? Sporting events? Historical moments? Weddings? It’s a great technology and site that will become insanely popular if it’s not sued out of existence or swallowed up by a larger entity soon.

Jan 27, 2012

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