Teamwork produces better results

Teamwork produces better results

It’s difficult to be creative in a vacuum. While the ideas may come to you at any time (and generally are better when thought of alone), when you’re actually creating the design, it’s good to have team members to bounce things off. It’s why we’re constantly printing out comps and making mini mock-ups - so we can all sit and, a’hem... discuss them.

Opinions, everybody’s got one...

Funny thing is, as thick skinned as we all are, we still don’t like being scrutinized. Some big arguments have broken out during our creative reviews - with people fighting for or against various design approaches. But here’s the thing. After all the bickering and bruised egos - you’ll often find kernels of constructive criticism lurking within. After the ruckus passes, it’s peculiar how many “adjustments” can be traced back to those heated discussions.

The end result, good suggestions, no matter how loudly they were shouted, are good suggestions. And we all want the best design in the end. So we process all opinions, pick the good ones, nurse our bruised egos, and make the creative product better.

Designer or not, you can still be sensitive

Fortunately for me, I’m not a designer. So my ego usually remains undamaged. Though I do some writing; and it’s critiqued just the same as design - if not worse. So I’m not completely unscathed.

But “teamwork” does produce a better result. And in the end, we want to know we’ve created the best piece possible. Then of course... we show it to the client. And the abuse starts all over again - though usually not as boisterously.

Feb 18, 2013

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