Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

One thing is certain: between technology advances and the ever-continuing spread of social media, there is certainly not a lack of information. People take “selfies,” and share photos of their lunch on Instagram. They announce casual hook-ups and divorces by changing their relationship status on Facebook.

This is how we tell our stories now. Gone are the days when a face-to-face – or even a phone call – was necessary in order to let people know what we’re up to. Now we are able to tell everyone (or at least everyone “linked to” or “following” us) all of the who, what, when, where, and how’s of our lives – and of our businesses.

Your story is the heart of your business

How did your business come to be? What makes you (and those who work with you) passionate about what you do? How are you changing the landscape of your particular industry? Does your company support a particular charity? How has your product or service made someone’s life better? Has your product/service actually SAVED someone’s life?

These are all questions that, when answered, tell the story of your business. We tell our clients all the time that a great product isn’t enough – you need to make people aware of it; get them excited about it. And, while touting scientific studies, or using superlatives (no matter how true they are) is fine... it’s not enough.

Connect with your customers

The economy has been “less than great” for quite some time now. People are more particular about where their money is going. And while many are driven simply by price (mostly because they have to be), a lot of people (myself included) think long and hard about the companies behind the products and services they use. It’s one thing to show someone how your product works, but it’s another thing to show them how buying/using the product will benefit them and/or their community.

Think about how your story will relate to your customer

Obviously, as with all things you share about your company, you want your story to resonate with your customers. You don’t need to – and you shouldn’t – share every detail. Think about the customers you have, as well as the customers you want. Tell them what makes your company tick. Tell them about your plans. Give them a glimpse of the “human” side of your organization. People are more likely to do business with people and companies they like. Let them get to know you and like you for more than just the shiny package on the shelf or the glossy ad in the magazine. Then keep them coming back for more.

Feb 14, 2014

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