The future of marketing: be truthful and be interesting

The future of marketing: be truthful and be interesting

Marketing has always been about making things interesting - to pique the curiosity; to foster desire; or to cajole coveting. But sadly, at some point marketing was corrupted by hucksters selling underwhelming crap to under informed consumers. But then things changed and consumers became connected and crap was instantly outed as crap - leaving the hucksters pining for the good ol’ days.

Consumers gained the upper hand

As the tide has turned against bad marketing of crappy stuff, it’s befuddled and confounded many marketing professionals. You can no longer simply sell garbage in fancy packaging. Today’s connected consumers can instantly validate claims, access research, and seek out reviews and testimonials from family, friends, or the millions online. Caveat emptor (Buyer beware) is more apt to be caveat venditor (Seller beware).

Tell the truth and tell a story

Makers and marketers both need to speak honestly about their products and services today. It’s too easy to expose fraudulent claims or unmask bad products. You simply can’t fool consumers anymore. So now you not only have to build a better mousetrap; you also have to prove it’s better - with a YouTube video, social media validation, third party endorsements (i.e., editorial & bloggers reviews), and good customer support.

Of course, it’s all predicated upon actually creating something worthwhile and successfully attracting today’s jaded and inundated consumer to you. You can no longer bark at prospects and yell “it’s better”. You have to find your audience, connect with them, and expose them to your solution. Then, if it’s true your mousetrap is better, they’ll engage with you.

The marketing industry is changing slowly

We’ll never be rid of the hucksters, but it’s likely they’ll slowly drift to the outskirts of our business. The future of marketing will ultimately return to its roots. Find a good product and tell people about it. Pique their interest and if they feel (and discover) it’ll truly improve their lives, they’ll buy it - repeatedly.

Inbound, growth hacking, storytelling, or whatever buzz word you prefer to use - in the end it’s all just marketing. The point is to be truthful and to be interesting so you can sell good stuff to good people. Let the hucksters sell the snake oil to the dumbasses.

Nov 13, 2014

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